Prayer Room Sign Up

PLEASE NOTE: This sign-up button/link is for praying in the prayer room at Abbey Baptist Church. If you'd like to let us know that you are praying "where you are" then please use the button/link in the next section below. Thank you.

Sign up for an hour or more in the 24 hour prayer room at Abbey Baptist Church using our online booking form. Please put the number of people in your party in brackets after your name. Note that the size of the prayer room limits the total capacity to about 15 people.

We'd love groups to take on the night time slots. If you'd like to book a night time slot or if you want to book the room for exclusive use then please Contact Us to discuss and we'll sort out the booking for you.

The blue "Reading at Work" themed slots can be booked as normal but will also have someone from Reading at Work available to pray with you if you wish. 

Note: If you are prompted about accepting "cookies" during the sign up then please allow this. The cookie used by the 24/7 prayer sign up page lets it remember that you are logged in.

See below for more information about the prayer room.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions, we'd be happy to help.

"Pray Where You Are" Sign Up

Sign Up to let us know that you're praying at at home, small group, at church, at work or wherever you are...


If you'd like to open up your prayer time to others then Contact Us to arrange adding your event to the What's On page.

You can let us know what you hear from the Lord using our prayer journal form.

Prayer Room Info

How do I get there?

See the map above. (Use the + to zoom in.) The address of the church building is Abbey Square, Reading, RG1 3BE. The building is next door to The Blade and behind Reading Central Library.


As the church building is in the town centre there is easy access by bus from many places in Reading. See the Reading buses maps, journey planner or phone app for more details.



The nearest car park (about a 5 minute walk) is Queen's Road Car Park (postcode RG1 4AR). Exit the building at the rear by the river, walk over the river on the foot bridge, go along the river bank to the left, turn right up Highbridge Wharf, left onto Kings Road then cross and take the first turning on the right which is Abbey Square. Follow the road round and you will find the church building on your right. The Oracle car parks are also near-by but be aware that the Holy Brook car park is not open 24 hours.

There is some on-street parking in Abbey Square, Abbey Street and Kings Road but it is often busy during the day. Check ticket machines for details of charges.

For those praying during the evening and night there will be 4 coned-off parking spaces available outside the church building from 4.30pm in the evening to 8.30am in the morning. Please move the cone, unclip the chain if one is present, and use one of these. The spaces are narrow and separated by metal posts so please park carefully. To drive to the church building go anti-clockwise around the IDR so that you can turn left into King's Road when you have the Prudential building visible on your right. Drive along King's Road, turn right into Abbey Street, and follow the road into Abbey Square. The postcode is RG1 3BE.


The church building is about a 10 minute walk from the central Reading station. 

What do I do when I arrive?

Please arrive a few minutes before you are due so that there is a smooth handover and you have time to speak to those about to leave, or staying on with you. Ring the doorbell and another intercessor, member of the 10 days team or member of staff from Abbey Baptist Church will let you in.

What about disabled access?

The prayer room is upstairs in Abbey Baptist Church but there is a lift available for those who need it.

How should I prepare?

If you're not used to spending an hour in prayer then you might find it helpful to build up the time you spend with the Lord and experiment with prayer before you come. The focus of the 10 days of prayer is to spend time in God's presence, repent for ourselves, our town and wider and to pray for Reading. As you prepare to come to the prayer room it would be good to ask the Lord how you should use your time. He might also place more specific things on your heart to pray about.

Some resources on prayer:

What should I bring?

You might find it helpful to bring a bible and notebook with your ideas for prayer and so that you can write down anything the Lord shows you during your time. There will also be a journal in the room for you to write in so that your thoughts, insights, scriptures can be seen by others and we can build up a picture of what God is saying over the ten days.


If you're praying over night then you may grow cold due to the body's natural rhythm so an extra layer of clothing or blanket would be useful. If staying for a while overnight then snacks might also be helpful.

How can I use my time in the prayer room?

You might find something like this helpful:

  • Arrive a few minutes early.

  • Chat to the person / people you are taking over from.

  • Make a cup of tea!

  • Read through the prayer journal in the room.

  • Read anything written on walls, paintings, drawings etc.

  • Settle down to a time of listening / bible reading.

  • Make notes of anything significant that you feel God is saying in the room's prayer journal.

  • Hand over to the next pray-ers.

What do I do when I'm ready to leave?

If you're the only person in the prayer room then please wait for the next occupant(s) to arrive. If they're delayed then call the on-duty member of the 10 days team. Their details will be in the room.

What if there is a problem?

Call the on-duty member of the 10 days team or member of staff from Abbey Baptist Church. Their details will be in the room.