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10 Minutes of Prayer

We have a daily rhythm of short 10-minute prayer zooms. Birthed in June 2020 out of the Global 10-Days of Prayer for Pentecost.


We currently have 3 morning groups meeting by zoom every weekday to pray for 10 minutes at 7:45am.

All 3 groups come together at 7:45 on Monday morning for 30 minutes

  • 1st 10 Minutes - Breaking Bread together

  • 2nd 10 Minutes - Worship

  • 3rd 10 Minutes - Prayer

On weekday evenings we are meeting at 9:45pm to pray for 10 minutes at the end of the day, breaking bread on Friday evening.

Going forward, we believe the Lord has given us a vision for other 10-minute prayer groups at other times meeting virtually.

Do connect with us if you would like to join in prayer at 7:45 or at another time. We would love to hear from you - our email is

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