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Lockdown 2.0    Week of Prayer for Reading
9-13 November 2020

Lockdown 2.0 is upon us. Just in the last few days we have sensed God calling us particularly at this time to come before Him to seek His face for our town and our region.

God wants to transform his church and our town, and He paints on a much bigger canvas than we can sense or imagine. We want to set aside time to ask Him what He is saying to us at this time, to lift a ‘Jesus Banner’ high on the rooftops through worship and praise, and to bring before Him the things He reveals to us, through declaration and intercession. Lockdown feels like winter, but we believe that God is calling His people to “Arise and Shine” (Isaiah 60).

We believe that many other Christians and fellowships will be sensing this call to pray. Our hope is that this week of prayer will be part of a concerted prayer focus for our town at this time. It would be lovely to join our prayers as one body across our town, and we welcome all who would like to join with us, and bless all those who will be praying either on their own or with their fellowship.

Throughout the week we will be offering times to pray and worship, culminating in a day of prayer on Friday to coincide with the national day of prayer called by the Evangelical Alliance.

For zoom settings please contact us on


Monday to Friday

  • In the morning (as one group)

    • We will come together as one group for an extended prayer time at 7:45am, divided into 3 * 10-minute segments. (Please feel free to leave at any time.)

      • 7:45 - we continue our pattern of 10 minutes of prayer (breaking bread on Monday)

      • 7:55 - 10 minutes of worship

      • 8:05 - 10 minutes of scriptural revelation and declaration

    • 13:00 - 10 minutes of simultaneous prayer, in tongues or English etc

    • Thursday lunchtime only

      • 13:10-14:00 - continuing our weekly pattern of dwelling in His presence and praying as He leads

  • In the evening

    • 21:45 - continuing our pattern of 10 minutes of prayer (breaking bread Friday)


  • We will have a Zoom ‘Upper Room’ running throughout the day, with focused times of prayer during the day (details to follow).

  • 20:00-22:00 - Worship, praise and prayer to lift Jesus high at the end of the week, culminating with breaking bread at 21:45.

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